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How to: Look effortlessly stylish with your existing wardrobe

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some here is the thing.

You probably want to look like those girls featured in Street Style blogs who effortlessly layer and match but you want to do it without spending a ton of cash.  And even if you did buy yourself a ton of new stuff – you find that when you try to layer and match you look a laundry bag with your head popping out. Atleast, that’s what I felt- how do I look like “I just woke up like this” without actually looking like what I look like when I wake up (which lets just say is not a pretty sight) and how do I do all this while still not buying an entirely new wardrobe?

So after a lot of fashion blog analysis, these super easy hacks are things I think go a long way in adding style to your existing wardrobe without buying anything new.


1. Rolling up sleeves : Have a shirt? A simple sleeve roll up till the elbow is sometimes all it takes to take the style meter up a notch. This works with cardigans, sweaters, shirts , long sleeved tops. You name it. If the shirt comes with a little strip and a button at the elbow , even better



2. Doing the half  tuck : So you are wearing a shirt or a top, and you pair it with your trousers but think the outfit looks just a little bit…blah.  The “half tuck” is when one part of your shirt is tucked inside and the rest hangs effortlessly out. This doesn’t always work I have noticed. Sometimes it just looks sloppy, but you will find a certain kind of material where the single tuck works. It could be tops which have a lot of fluid, flowy fabric or  silhouettes which are natural drapey and loose.


3. Shoes . Shoes make an outfit : I am not a shoe person and through my life I have probably spent thousands on unneccesary tops which could have easily gone into shoes.



I used the vest as my “third piece”

4. The third piece rule (courtesy Masoom Minawala) : The rule states, that if you have two pieces of clothing on you- say a top and a bottom, then you add a third piece to really elevate it. Eg: add a blazer, or add a scarf, add a broad belt, add a cape or a poncho. Anything. If there are three pieces, it immediately looks stylish.c4d3cf1e1a46f68646ae33896d267923


5. Pairing unusual color combinations: So your wardrobe has a lot of color but you always go safe? I used to just always pair a hot pink blazer with a white top and pants or neutrals to be “Safe”. But sometimes, pairing unusual color combinations is what makes it work. Eg: wear that bright orange dress you own with a mint colored scarf, or pair deep red shirt with a light pink pencil skirt. When you rethink color combinations, it looks unexpected and makes people take notice. This equals stylishness1-cropjeams


6. Rolling up your jeans: Another quick hack. Rolling up your denims just an inch or two will give a brand new “crop trouser” look to your denims and also its a great way to add something extra to make your outfit stylish 7. Drape a jacket : Instead of actually wearing a jacket like mere mortals do, drape it over your shoulders like a fashion diva. Instant glam. I confess I still haven’t been able to confidently carry this off but its a good hack.



8. Using your shirts as outerwear: Easiest thing ever. Use your shirts as jackets and outerwear and layer them around. Think a black camisole, pants and an open button down shirt. You can even wear your shirt over a dress. If there is a dress you feel is too short or too tight, then sometimes if you wear an open shirt with it …Voila. Super stylish and unique.


9. One shoulder dupatta drape: Want to look elegant in an anarkali or Indian outfit? Do the neat trick I do- drape the dupatta over one shoulder and hold the other end wrapped around your lower arm. Something about this gives an elegant, effortless vibe plus works great if you want to show off your necklace


10. Don’t pick clothes that are over tight: Unless you are a model, clothes that are extra tight tend to give off the “trying too hard ” vibe . Tight tee tucked into skinny jeans = overkill.  Pair your tight tee with high waisted pants, pair your skinny jeans with tops that just lightly skim your figure for that effortlessly stylish look!


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