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Not going to lie that fashion sustainability is the call of the hour that needs our collective attention. If all of us start thinking about ignoring fast fashion (I know, it’s quite tough) and re-wearing and reusing more (totally easy and creative), we can start contributing to sustainable fashion in no time. Talking about sustainability, in our re-wear series, today I am taking you through a winter fashion blog. Since the winter parties are round the corner, I am sharing some chic and classy winter party outfit ideas ft. Bollywood celebrities. 

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Winter Party Outfit Ideas

Totally trust me with this blog because no typical jazzy outfits and no fussy outfits are involved. They are high end that would definitely make heads turn. Also, here is something for every one of you. Keep reading. 

P.S – Get ready for some supremely stylish, easily doable, and not so common winter party outfit ideas. 

1. Sonam Kapoor and Overcoats 

Have to admit that nobody does overcoat styling better than Sonam Kapoor. The fashion queen of the industry knows how to pull off a basic overcoat outfit and take it to the next level just through proper styling knowledge. 

The phrase ‘less is more is actually working wonders for her in this look. Just an overcoat dress paired with boots, that’s it. It wouldn’t even take you more than 5 minutes to get ready and bam, you are the best-dressed person at any winter party. 



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Deepika does quite a lot of experiments with her looks and I am all in for it because she does it extremely well. If your personality is that of a ‘girl next door who likes to make it trendy’, then I am sure you would love these winter party outfit ideas. 

Leather pants are exactly what I am showing through this look because they are statement, stylish, effortless, and will keep you warm. High waisted leather pants (flared, baggy, or even skinny) paired with sweatshirts, chunky sweaters, leather tops, can be stunner winter outfits. 



She is wearing leather coordinates in brown. Here are the reasons why I love this outfit. Leather is great for the weather. The colour screams winter fashion. Co-ordinates are easy to style. You just need a beige, nude, or brown cardigan for an overlay, and you are done. 



Honestly, it’s Priyanka’s sass and confidence that works for her more than her outfits. She can carry anything unapologetically and rule the world. Let me take you through two of her distinct winter party outfit ideas and prove this fact right. 

This look makes me want to leave my job, style myself into these clothes, and run the world like a boss like her. This is such an easy outfit to recreate. A turtle neck top, a mini skirt, and an overcoat styled together and you are done.

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I get most of you who are looking to hitting the winter parties in your denim. Here’s a treat for you from our very own desi girl who is going places now. She has styled basic denim pants with a statement bomber jacket and that’s it. Quite amazing, ain’t it? Hence, proved! 


Ending our winter party outfit ideas blog with the easiest ideas featuring none other than, Parineeti, whose style is totally cool and comfy. Two totally different outfit options coming your way. 

A turtle neck is a basic winter staple that we style on most winter days with our denim pants. For the winter parties, try styling them with a statement skirt. If you don’t like going overboard with boots, pumps are always a safer option. 



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